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The information contained in the current document have been given in good faith and are based on accurate research carried out by CVS ITALIA S.R.L. in its own labs. However, since external conditions and methods of use are beyond the company’s control, these information are not intended to replace indispensable preliminary testing to be carried out on-site, to assure that the product is fully suitable and safe for the specific application. CVS ITALIA S.R.L.  shall NOT be held responsible for results obtained by other users, whose operating methods cannot be controlled by CVS itself. Il shall remain the sole responsibility of the end-user to determine whether or not the product is suitable for their intended applications and to take all the necessary precautions to safeguard people and things from any danger associated with the use of the product. It is therefore highly advisable that each user will test its potential application before using it. Application recommendations must not be seen as an incentive to infringe any patent rights. The information contained in this document are subject to change without prior notice. These tests have been carried out on the materials as they are typically manufactured and sold, kept in good condition and not subjected to damage caused by improper storage or transport.

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