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Arch. Sergio Ricci


After a long and varied professional life, I embarked on the adventure of the world of production.

In the specific field of coverings I have identified a field of action in which I could convey the numerous experiences that, with a series of successive steps, have contributed to create my cultural background.

The design experiences developped in thirty years of visiting various contemporary contexts, which have been embodied in many civil and religious public building, have been then integrated into a continuous search for characterizations that take into account the Vitruvian triad: form, function, structure.

Many years of experience in the field of film set design and different furnishing decorations have greatly contributed to creating the lexicon of my design way of expression.

This training ground for shapes and emotions that they generate has been the inspiration for decoration and covering lines, typical of the world of the characterization of architectural spaces.

A further contribution to my cultural education has come from over 20 years of teaching architectural discipline in art institutes and in the university faculties of architecture and engineering.

In short, CVS ITALIA’s product design in 30 years has evolved from the classic, not neglecting modern influences, to the current products, which tend to create impressions and emotions thanks to the use of volumes of colours and light.

CVS Italia S.r.l.

Via Giambattista Vico, 22
00196 ROMA

Via Gregorio VII, 508
00165 ROMA

Via Sacco e Vanzetti, 73
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