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Sergio Savino is an exclusive brand of CVS ITALIA dedicated to the decoration and Interior Design of prestigious environments.

CVS, has been a leader in the recomposed stones sector for 30 years and is present on the world market in a variety of sectors such as building supplies, interior and exterior furnishing, bathroom furniture and accessories, borders for ceramics, wall decorations and coverings, decorative articles and art reproductions.


The entire production in made with various grounded stones and agglomerating resins of various kinds, depending on the mechanical and ecological performances to be obtained.

The manufacturing process is artisanal and is based on the use of silicone moulds perfect for obtaining particular shapes and multiple surfaces.

The mixture of raw materials, coming from recovery dust from quarry processings, is left to consolidate for the required time, in a natural way without any thermal treatment.

The colourings of the surface are due to water-based acrilic resins.

CVS ITALIA guarantees the originality of its products at all stages of creation: from the design to the creation of models and prototypes up to the production, which retains all the features of a tipical artisanal production, even if it is on an industrial scale.

The highest quality and homogeneity of production, even after years, is ensured by an accurate checking of every processing stage.

Each production is custom made.


Respect for the environment, thanks to the cold production procedures (without emissions of CO2 and/or other harmful products) and the use of ecological, or even recovery materials, has always been at the heart of the development project of our products.

The raw materials come from the recovery of waste materials / by-products resulting from industrial quarrying of marble, granite and travertine.

Therefore, our products do not damage the existing natural stone heritage and do not cause the land to be depleted.

All the materials resulting from our production process are recycled in the process itself.

To remain within the scope of economical sustainability, we have developed an exclusive production procedure, which moreover, being based more on manual skills, has made the product even more environmentally sustainable.

CVS Italia S.r.l.

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00196 ROMA

Via Gregorio VII, 508
00165 ROMA

Via Sacco e Vanzetti, 73
41042 Fiorano Modenese (MO)

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