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It was really difficult to find something new and meaningful in the world of furniture, we referred to history and tradition and have been inspired by an element of classical culture even if in a contemporary declination.

The MOSAIC, which, however, we have tried to review, by giving it a completely different connotation from the traditional one, without falling into the easy temptation of the simple mixture of materials and forms of more or less varied small mosaic tiles, that are indeed already known.

We turned to the more sophisticated tradition: the “micromosaic” (more than 1000 small mosaic tiles in a sheet of 30x30 cm).

The basic inspiration regarding the shapes was to extend outwardly the planar richness typical of the mosaic, using the third dimension.

The MICROMOSAICI Sergio Savino / CVS ITALIA were thus born: elements that originate from flat forms, but that got enriched with the third dimension, they can now create images and sensations that change, depending on light reflection and/or the movement of the user in that environment.

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